Vans for All Group Sizes!

When arranging travel for your group or business, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right mode of transportation for a large group. While all group sizes can always fit onto an airplane, airline prices are astronomically high, and there is a much more affordable option with van rental companies like Van Rental Center. At Van Rental Center, we provide our customers with clean, air-conditioned vans that are kept in tip-top shape by our highly trained staff, so that you get the best experience every time. For large groups, we offer a 15 passenger van rental in Los Angeles, but we have vans in many other sizes as well.

Often groups will rent a van from us that has more capacity than they need, simply because they need room to hold their luggage, or because they would prefer a more spacious ride. This explains the popularity of our 12 passenger van rental with Los Angeles travelers who need to fit a lot of people, but also want some room to spare.

And, for families that are traveling together, they love the close-knit, yet spacious feeling provided to them by an 8 passenger van rental in Los Angeles. Not only is van travel a much more affordable option for large families, it also provides an invaluable experience to bond on the open road. At Van Rental Center, we are trying to bring back the great American road trip by offering families a rate on van rental that they simply can't refuse.