The Van Rental Experience has Never Been More Convenient

Traveling through Southern California is always an exciting experience, but it isn't always easy – particularly if you need to rent a vehicle for during your stay in the world famous region. However, if for those who elect to rent a van from Van Rental Center, visiting the Los Angeles area – and the entire Southwest – can be an easy, fun and comfortable experience. 

Our center for van rentals near LAX is well known for offering a complete variety of vans. While we have a number of cargo vans and minivan options, our fleet also includes a wide selection of 11, 12 or even 15 passenger van rentals for Los Angeles visitors who are in charge of large teams, church or social groups. These full size van rental options offer the perfect blend of functionality, safety and comfort for large groups. While they conveniently allow your group to travel together, they are also well-maintained, ensuring the drive is always smooth and relaxing.

Making the experience even more care-free, we our customers will find that we offer pick-up and drop-off for our passenger van rental at LAX, as well as at several area hotels. We ask only that customers be present to sign the rental contract. We also offer accessories like child seats and GPS systems, so you can rest easy, knowing your passengers are always well taken care of. Whether you're traveling with a large group, or a close-knit family and friends, a van lets you keep the gang together, and a rental from Van Rental Center will keep costs low.