Road Trips for Families of All Sizes


For small or average sized families, road trips are a great way to be all together on the road and enjoy family bonding time on the way to a destination. But, for larger families with more than 5 children, it can be extremely difficult to fit everyone in the same car, and they are usually faced with the choice of either flying together or splitting up and taking multiple vehicles. Not only does taking multiple vehicles decrease the cohesiveness of the family trip, but it also costs twice the amount of gas money. Luckily for large families, Van Rental Center in Los Angeles has vans that can fit every member of even the biggest families.

Our 15 passenger van rental is extremely popular with big families because there is usually plenty of leftover space in the van for everyone to be comfortable, while simultaneously fitting all of their luggage. Yet, you don’t have to have a huge family to benefit from van rental. Many of our customers are smaller families who only have compact cars that would be a bit too small to fit everyone in the family and everything they need on their trip. In situations like these, families turn to Van Rental Center for a 7 passenger minivan rental.

In addition to being spacious, our vans are extremely comfortable, and incredibly affordable. Plus, if you rent a van for 3 days or more, we offer unlimited mileage within the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada! We also offer weekly discounts so that families can get the most out of their vacation