Rent a Van and Enjoy First-Rate Travel in Southern California

Los Angeles is a remarkable city to visit, however, if you're visiting for the first time, it can also be remarkably daunting to travel through – particularly if you don't have the right automobile for your needs. That's why, if you're traveling with a small group of friends or family, or even a large social group or team, you'll want to rent a 7 passenger van, or even a full size 15 passenger van from Van Rental Center.

We have a complete variety of cargo and passenger van rentals at Van Rental Center, including comfortable minivans and rugged, spacious full size vans. However, what allows us to truly stand out among the competition is our commitment to fast and friendly customer service. In fact, the exquisite service we provide begins with pick-up or drop-off directly at Los Angeles International Airport, as well as at various hotels throughout the area.

Even if you're planning to drive outside of Los Angeles, we want you to know that you can count on the service provided at Van Rental Center. As long as you let one of our agents know of your plans, you can drive out of California, and those who choose to rent an 11 passenger van or various other passenger options can even take advantage of unlimited mileage for travel of 3 days or more within the states of CA, AZ or NV.

For those who are AAA members, you can enjoy discounts and other benefits from Van Rental Center. Simply put, there's no better option for travel in SoCal!