No More Over-Crowded Road Trips

There's nothing worse than getting in your car rental for your fun LA trip only to find that the car doesn't quite comfortably fit your entire family. A packed car means more than thighs squished together in the backseat. It also means more fighting and anguish during a trip that should be enjoyable throughout. That's why getting a full size van rental in Los Angeles is essential to any trip that involves large parties. At Van Rental Center we offer the best in 7 to 15 passenger van rentals in the LA area.

Van Rental Center doesn't only provide vans for vacationers. We also have a wide array of selections of options in moving van rentals in Los Angeles. There's plenty of room in our vans if you need to move all of your most precious belongings to a new location without being forced to hire a moving company. It's a great way to save money while having the best rental experience possible. Whatever your reasons for needing a van, we can ensure you get the right model for your purposes.

Van Rental Center offers pick up, drop off, and delivery services for all of our vehicles. If you need an 8 passenger van rental in Los Angeles but don't have the means to get it yourself, we can bring it straight to you at an airport, hotel, or nearby residence. We make renting vans easier than ever before. Have more questions? Call our offices today to get started on the journey of a lifetime.