Near LAX, Van Rental Center is a Leader in High Quality Vehicles


Conveniently located near LAX, Van Rental Center is the ideal rental option for residents of Los Angeles and visitors to the famous auto-centric city alike. At our facility, we have a complete variety of vans, ranging from family-friendly minivan rental to 12 and 15 passenger vans for large groups or extended families traveling together. Yet, despite this exceptionally diverse, high-quality fleet, it is perhaps our dedication to convenience and quality customer service that our customers know us for best.

Customer service at Van Rental Center starts as soon as you get off the plane at Los Angeles International Airport. We provide pickup and drop-off service at the airport, as well as to and from many hotels throughout the area. If you have a flight leaving during our closing hours, we'll even provide you with instructions on where to leave your vehicle, provided you let us know in advance.

However, once you begin your trip in a Van Rental Center vehicle, the convenience certainly doesn't end. Depending on your specific needs, we provide convenience features like child seats, GPS systems and much more. Further still, we're dedicated to making the experience as cost-effective as possible, with discounts for AAA customers as well as those who are renting for a month or more.

We also offer coupons and unlimited mileage for rentals of three days or more within the states of CA, AZ and NV. Whether you're in need of an 8 passanger van rental, a cargo van, or any other van rental option, find what you need at Van Rental Center today.