At Van Rental Center, Passenger Van Rental is Our Specialty


Whether you're looking for a van to transport bulky items, a comfortable vehicle to travel in with large groups or simply a quick, convenient ride to LAX, Van Rental Center is always the best possible option. In fact, we have a complete variety of vans that range from safe, effective cargo vans to 15, 12 or 8 passenger van rental – and always provided at affordable rates, from a service-centered team.

It's not difficult to find a vehicle rental company in Los Angeles. After all, our city is known worldwide for its expansive freeways that span throughout the region. However, what is difficult to find is a Los Angeles van rental company that is dedicated to serving you and your group with the best possible van for your needs.

Our customer service helps to set our company apart from the competition. For example, we have a service that picks up and drops off customers at hotels, as well as at LAX. We will also happily deliver and pick up vehicles for our customers, and if you have a flight leaving during closing hours, we even offer a drop off service.

The commitment to customer-friendly service at Van Rental Center is also on display through our various accessories, allowing customers to customize their vehicle according to their specific needs. These include child seats, GPS systems, and more. Simply put, if you're seeking out a vehicle rental experience in L.A. that leaves you fully-satisfied and care for, you can do no better than Van Rental Center.