An 11 Passenger Van Rental from Van Rental Center Suits Your Travel


At Van Rental Center, we're proud to provide Southern California travelers with the ideal options for Los Angeles van rental. Our fleet of top-quality vans includes spacious models that carry as many as 15 passengers to comfort-centric minivans that ensure a smooth ride for every passenger.

When traveling through Southern California and the Southwest, there is plenty to see – from cities like Los Angeles and San Diego that feature world-class luxury and entertainment to stunning beaches, mountains and other natural wonders. If you're planning a trip to the region for business or pleasure with associates, friends or family, you can make your travel as enjoyable as possible with one of our 11 passenger van rental options.

With a van that is so accommodating to large groups, many people assume they'll have to sacrifice efficiency and comfort. However, with our 11 passenger van featuring automatic transmission, the team at Van Rental Center proves that's far from the case. Featuring GPS systems, air conditioning, an mp3 player and more, our Ford E-350 or Chevy Express options ensure every passenger travels in style.

Further still, we're renowned for our efforts to keep costs as low as possible. That's why, for those who rent for 3 days or more within CA, AZ or NV, we offer unlimited mileage as well as our famously low per-day prices. Simply put, for those looking to rent a van, Los Angeles-based Van Rental Center is always the best possible option. Special offers are also available for monthly rentals.