Airport Transportation Has Never Been Easier

Especially for travelers unfamiliar with the Los Angeles roadways and traffic patterns, it is a poor choice to rely on several small vehicles to transport your group from place to place after flying into Los Angeles. There’s nothing worse than getting separated from your group because you took a wrong turn down an unfamiliar street. Luckily, with LAX van rental from Van Rental Center, groups can travel together and stay together during their travels around Los Angeles. Because Van Rental Center offers pick up and drop off at our LAX location, groups never have to be without reliable transport during their trip to Los Angeles.

Many large families turn to our 8 passenger van rental for Los Angeles vacations because it fits most families while giving them room to spare for luggage and legroom. Especially after a long, cramped flight, people love to be able to stretch their legs in a comfortable and spacious van.

And, for larger business or travel groups, our 12 passenger van rental allows for spacious seating while providing people with community on the open road. While planes can certainly accommodate large groups, it can be difficult to find seating that allows every member of the group to sit together. And with all of the commotion and engine noise on a plane, it can be difficult to carry on a meaningful conversation between more than a few people. This is just one of the many reasons why van travel offers groups a welcome break from the burdens and stresses of air travel.