Affordable Transportation for your Next Work Retreat


Work retreats are a great place to increase cohesiveness with teambuilding and bonding activities. Yet, many companies find them difficult to organize logistically. Since these retreats often take place over the weekend, employees are already hesitant about giving up their time, so they certainly don’t want to give away their money by having to drive up themselves and pay for gas. That is where a vanrental from Van Rental Center comes in. We provide the vans that companies rely on to transport employees, clients, and business partners in style and comfort.

Savvy companies love using an 11 passenger vanrental from Van Rental Center as a way to get their employees to and from an out of town work related function with comfort and ease. Our vans are clean, air-conditioned, and in tip-top mechanical shape – perfect for any corporate function. Additionally, driving together in a close-knit comfortable van allows employees to bond and get to know each other on the road.

Business also like utilizing our vans to pick up clients or potential business partners from the airport and shuttle them around Los Angeles while they are in town. They will be impressed with the 8 passenger vanrental from Van Rental Center that has all of the comfort and cleanliness they would expect from business transportation. And, while they will be impressed by the quality of the rental, your accounting department will surely be impressed by our rates, and your travel coordinator will be dazzled by our exceptional customer service.