A 15 Passenger Van Rental Makes Financial Sense!

When you’ve got a good sized group of people to transport over a distance, there are a number of options – and all of them cost money! Van Rental Center is here to say that something like a 15 passenger van rental may make a great deal of financial sense in a lot of those situations. After all, if you’re planning a trip to Northern California from the Los Angeles area, for example, you’re talking about 15 plane tickets that, roundtrip, are likely going to run you upwards of somewhere between $200-$400 each. That can really add up. Contrast that to the cost of renting a single van and adding a bit in for gasoline and maybe even some lunch or dinner on the road, and you’ve got a real bargain by comparison.

Of course, opting for an 8, 15, or 12 passenger van rental is a good idea, but then you have to decide on the right rental agency. Obviously, we’re somewhat prejudiced that your choice should be Van Rental Center, but hear us out. You see, while the larger rental agencies are ever-present, they often feel like they can afford to treat their customers as dispensable numbers on a spreadsheet. As a smaller agency, we know that our path to success is providing outstanding quality and value to all of our customers.

So, whether you’re organizing a trip to a trade show for your coworkers, a touring gig for your band or performance group, or just need an 8 passenger van rental for your family or a group of friends, Van Rental Center in Los Angeles should be your first choice for your California/West coast trip. Contact us today!